Don Ortiz, more commonly known as Don P (Don Perion), is a rapper, producer, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Don P, formerly known as Fatal, was born in the impoverished southwest side of Denver and raised by his father; a single construction worker who worked hard but still struggled to get by. Growing up most of his life in a one bedroom apartment, Don P rarely would invite friends over to avoid being embarrassed if they found out he slept on the couch and did not have a room of his own. Although his father did his best to make it feel like home, there was no avoiding the gun fights that happened outside regularly due to the local drug-dealers who lived across the street. Its events like these that were starting to shape a young Don's mind. Maybe a curse and a blessing, his father was injured at work and could not work which forced them to apply to Section 8 housing, something Don's father was against being dependent on, but had no choice while going through a lawsuit for his injury. The voucher allowed them to move into a house, in a better neighborhood.

Around this time Don P was in middle school and started hanging with a different crowd and started to go down a different path; grades started declining, started wearing gang colors, ditching, fighting, tagging, smoking weed and just about everything else. This continued through high school and got worse when his closest friends started ending up dead or getting life sentences, his car getting shot up, house windows getting broke; none of which was deterring Don P at the time. It took getting into legal trouble himself and having all 4 of his friends in the case turn on him to get him to back away from the street life. After receiving probation by the judge and a strict curfew, Don P began writing music to fill his time. 

Don P's first song came in 2010 and was a remix to Cormega's "Take Mine" song; From here he continued to drop songs and started to build himself as a brand under his street name, "Fatal". Don P began building up a huge audience online and was doing 3-5 shows a month locally. In March of 2011 Don P has his first big show, opening up for So Icey recording artist, OJ Da Juiceman who had just recently came to fame and was on tour at the time with his platinum selling single "Make tha Trap Say Aye" featuring legendary recording artist Gucci Mane, founder of 1017 Brick Squad Records. Within 5 months of keeping contact with the label, Don P was offered a management deal with BSM by 1017 label executive OG Mack Drama, who at the time was most publicly known for being Waka Flocka’s OG on Elm Street Piru and was making the switch from street life to the music industry himself. Don P accepted the offer. He was first released to the industry with his first self-produced single, "My Story" featuring Brick Squad Monopoly / Zoe Pound recording artist Haitian Fresh. The song got a big push from Fugees member  Wyclef, who was good friends with Haitian Fresh. 

Don P and his music continued to gain support from people like Missy Elliott, Twista, Warren G, Cory Gunz, Mike Jones and more. Although things were looking good on the surface, business behind the scenes wasn’t going as good with 1017 Brick Squad’s biggest members Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame being at odds, causing the label to split and forcing people to pick sides. With Gucci Mane getting locked up shortly after, Mack Drama took over business for all Brick Squad artists that weren’t under Brick Squad Monopoly (Waka Flockas division) including Gucci Mane’s brother Throwback, Frenchie, Mall G and more with a new sub-label Brick Squad Mafia, a move Waka Flocka didn’t like. Don P continued working and gained the attention of MTV Rapfix, who did an article on him and Brick Squad Mafia. This article got the attention of Waka Flocka who told MTV to take down the article in a tweet, which he immediately deleted. This sparked words between Brick Squad Mafia and Brick Squad Monopoly members, leaving Don P blackballed by people like Miss Info and not on the best terms with people like Haitian Fresh who was on Don’s first single with the label. With Mack Drama’s hands full with bigger artists, Don P was told that an honest time frame to get his album out with the right push would be 2 years or longer. With this information Don P chose to respectfully decline a renewal in his contract but stood good friends with OG Mack Drama as he decided to go independent.

Soon after Don P founded own label and signed himself as the first artist. Being the only artist on the label, Don P still happened to get the attention of almost every artist in the state, and other states looking to sign to him. Little did they know, Don P was on the brink of becoming homeless. With Don P's fathers going to jail he took over his bills until he was released. With Don's music on hold, little job experience and a normal 9-5 not paying enough, he had to make money the only way he knew how, by hustling. He invested every dollar he had into product. After growing up seeing 4 of his older cousins in jail from hustling and never wanting to do it himself, he tried it anyway and learned he was pretty good at it and began to shift all his focus to making money. With extra money Don P began making music again and telling stories of what he was going through in his music all while providing his followers with a first hand look at his lifestyle. Right when things were seeming under-control, Don P was told the homeowner he was renting from was selling the house and he had 30 days to move out, at a time when the rent prices in Denver doubled due to cannabis legalization. Forced out, with money for hotels running out quick and nowhere to go, Don P became homeless.

Right at his lowest when he was driving around park to park just to kill time, it was about then that Don P's music began to start going viral and his social media page growing at 30,000+ people per week, reaching 200 million people a month. Business offers began coming in to the point Don P was now making more money than he ever made flipping, legally and without a record label. In a years time Don P went from homeless to owning 2 luxury vehicles, buying his father a house and making over 6-figures a year independently. Don P continues to be the most followed rap artist in Colorado and is expanding his music career and label nationally. In 2019, with the federal legalization of hemp, Don P launched Reefer Madness CBD, a company he started to lower the costs of CBD products for people like his grandma who had Parkinson’s Disease and used overpriced CBD products to alleviate her symptoms. Don P also founded “Nothing But A Hound Dog” which is a pet adoption agency he started in order to use his platform to get sheltered animals a second chance at a good home. Don P is currently working on his mixtape series, "The Weight Is Over" which is an based on his story from an adolescent to an adult and the trials he overcame in the process. 2021 ©